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Ocean Art Posters: The Ocean Series


title: "Et in Arcadia Ego"
medium: acrylic on canvas
size: 44 x 54 cm
original available
price: $3,000

Available formats

Modern Art Poster
Signed by the artist
20" X 30"
(51 x 76 cm)

Custom Fine Art Print
180 lb. 100% rag paper, signed by the artist
19 3/4" X 29 1/2"
(50 x 75 cm)

Acrylic on canvas
17 1/3" X 21 1/4"
(44 x 54 cm)

This image is available as a 20" x 30" format fine art poster for $50 US. It is also available as a 50 x 75 cm format custom fine art print on 180 lb. 100% rag paper, signed by the artist, for $300 US. For more information, see the order form.

To purchase the original, please contact Alex Maclean Bather at
30 Micklethwaite Road
London SW6 1QD
Email alexmb@totallyessential.com

The late afternoons in Arcadia are never ending,
where time comes to a standstill. The waves move
but the pattern has no end, and the mind seizes
on nothingness and holds it. The colors evoke a
sense of all-enveloping warmth that reinforces
the idea of finding the magic moment within.
The time will come to step away from the picture,
but it becomes embedded in the mind's eye. With a
moment of stillness it will return, and the peace
will return. The sadness is knowing that Arcadia
is a place to visit, and that happiness by it's
nature requires a contrast to give it value.
That's why we can't stay there.

- Robert Wallis


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