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Remodernist Art Prints: The Ocean Series

title: "Rose Ikon"
medium: acrylic on canvas with gold leaf
size: 13 x 15 in.
original SOLD

Available format

Custom Fine Art Print
180 lb. acid-free 100% rag paper, signed by the artist
16" X 20"
(40.5 x 51 cm)

This image is available as a 40 x 50 cm format custom modern art print on 180 lb. acid-free 100% rag paper, signed by the artist, for $300 US.


(The All is One)

Wave upon wave,
from the abyss of waters,
your soul coils upon itself:

When you project your power, these cinnabar skies transform into a sea of serpent’s gold;

Where the vanishing point
and perspective meet on the horizon,
they dissolve my stone of mere philosophy.

Meanwhile, the galaxy evolves star by star, moment by moment,
and my spirit sails forth

on this cool celestial breeze;
Carried away by one breath of eternity
to the ocean palace of the Dragon King.

Copyright ©2005 Kai Matta


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