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Remodernist Art Prints: The Ocean Series

title: "Silvery Moon"
medium: acrylic on canvas with silver leaf
size: 13 x 15 in.
original SOLD

Available format

Custom Fine Art Print
180 lb. acid-free 100% rag paper, signed by the artist
16" X 20"
(40.5 x 51 cm)

This image is available as a 40 x 50 cm format custom modern art print on 180 lb. 100% rag paper, signed by the artist, for $300 US.

“Words to the Ocean”

Before any Venus emerged from your waters,
before the birth and death of a thousand divinities now forgotten;
you breathed, you sang, you danced.

Did your beauty mesmerize the passing moon;

and capture it forever in a tidal embrace?
Did you rejoice at the dawn of creation,
or did you merely smile at the pale vanities of human kind?

If the moon could not escape your force,
how could mere mortal ever tame you?

If a spoken word restrained your tides and uncovered lands,
will another, final word, return you to your former place,
where the sign of a rainbow comes to mark the end of an age?

Copyright ©2005 Kai Matta


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