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Remodernist Art Prints: The Ocean Series

title: "Fifteen Years After"
medium: acrylic on canvas
size: 30 x 34 in.
original available
price: $2,500

Available formats

acrylic on canvas
30 X 34 in.

Custom Fine Art Print
20" X 30"
(50 x 75 cm)
180 lb. acid-free 100% rag paper, signed by the artist

This original painting is available for $2,500 US. It is also available as a 50 x 75 cm format custom modern art print on 180 lb. 100% rag paper, signed by the artist, for $300 US. For more information, see the order form.

To purchase the original, please Contact the Artist

"Message in a Bottle"

Navigate memory waves
to that retrograde position marked "Innocence",

where yesterday forms crystal tides on celestial waters,

and the sea of glass reflects these fragments from the past:
Summer days spent quickly as an allowance;
Peace inside the sacred circle of a tire swing;

Mystic firefly quatrains insribe secrets on the cathedral of the night.
When curiosity beckons, only silence greets the unanswered questions.

So, childhood's hand cast out its messages on this ocean of eternity,
and let the bottle return on the vapors of tomorrow.

Copyright 2005 Kai Matta


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